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Quest Through the Forest of Mystery...

is journey through the magical artwork of mixed media artist Mary Alayne Thomas.  There are 77 large (11.5"x9") color pages of her lush and fantastical paintings, along with descriptions and anecdotes written by the artist.  

Thomas' subjects contemplate the wild world of flora and fauna,  a green and untamed landscape.  Her world is one where bears and owls walk the night together as conspirators, a lynx lovingly accompanies a woman's odyssey through a crimson forest, and a girl and her tiger share stories from their favorite book. 

"For me, works of art are not frivolous or capricious things.   Having art in my life gives me hope and sustenance.  Holding my favorite books, music, and paintings in my heart creates a reality (moment by moment) that I wouldn't have otherwise. Art creates a lens from which to view the world around me in a different and beautiful way. "      

 - Mary Alayne Thomas

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